Stain Remover

If looking for one of the best Stain Removers, come to a halt here! We are associated with the league of #1 Manufacturers and Suppliers of Stain Remover in Ukraine. We offer SAMA Ultra Strength Liquid Stain Remover and CAM Belizna Stain Removal. The quality and efficiency of the remover is made sure to be the best. Its action is just the precise, safe and reliable.

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SAMA Ultra Strength Liquid Stain Remover

We bring forth 100% safe SAMA Ultra Strength Liquid Stain Remover, whose solution does not contain even a hint of chlorine. We are hailing as the trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of SAMA Ultra Strength Liquid Stain Remover in Ukraine. The stain remover’s action is appreciable on colored fabrics as well. Its power to


SAMA Belizna Stain Removal

Buy quality-tested SAMA Belizna Stain Removal at cost-effective prices from us! We are counted among the foremost Manufacturers and Suppliers of SAMA Belizna Stain Removal in Ukraine. Our main aim to produce this stain removal formula is not only to remove stubborn stains, but also to impart whiteness to white products of


SAMA Dry Stain Remover

SAMA Dry Stain Remover is used for fast and effective spot removing from any coloured fabrics. Thanks to active oxygen and enzymes action it removes fastly coffee, tea, fruit, wine and grass stains and preserves colour and surface characteristics of your clothes ideally. It may be used at washing together with washing